Damaged Goods

Epilepsy Talk

There’s something liberating in being expected to fail. No expectations, no explanations.

After all, “you’ll never amount to anything,” you’re damaged goods.

So you’re free to fall on your face. Or reach for the stars. I did both.

When I didn’t make friends, it was expected. Who would want to hang out with me?

I flunked out of Science and French. No big deal.

I was awarded first place in a writing competition. And I had to read my essay in front of the governor! Everyone was stunned.

Boys headed for the hills after just one date. “Well what did you expect?”

I jumped off the roof at college. “Poor thing. You’re a sick girl.”

Then I graduated from college Magna Cum Laude. They couldn’t believe it.

I keeled over at work. “See? We told you that you couldn’t hold a job.”

Then I got the job of my dreams.

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Gossiping Is Good – The Atlantic


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Gun-loving Iceland hasn’t had a shooting murder in more than a decade

Gun-loving Iceland hasn’t had a shooting murder in more than a decade https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/iceland-gun-loving-country-no-shooting-murders-2007-n872726

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Check out @Daelnlie’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Daelnlie/status/998581669459300353?s=09

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Check out @jjforni’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/jjforni/status/995065054805594112?s=09

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The Trump administration is going after Native Americans now, too


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Is it Organic?

Epilepsy Talk

For quite some time, there’s been an explosion of health food products on the market, specifically advertised as either “organic foods” or “natural” foods.

Most people don’t know that there is a major difference between “organic” and “natural” foods, believing that the two are interchangeable.

But there’s a huge difference between a food labeled “natural” and one that is labeled “organic.”

Unfortunately, the two titles get tossed around a lot, to the point where no one seems to be able to determine which is which, creating a lot of confusion for people who are truly concerned with purchasing the best and healthiest products available.

What’s the difference between “organic” and “natural”? Isn’t “natural food” just as safe and healthy as “organic food”?

Here’s the beginning of the answer. “Natural” does not mean “organic” and comes with no guarantees.

“Natural” foods are often assumed to be foods that are minimally processed…

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