Seizure Provoking Conditions

Epilepsy Talk

Few of these conditions will cause epilepsy itself…but many can lead to seizures. So consider this a definition of the possibilities…

Aicardi Syndrome

Aicardi syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that interferes with the formation of the corpus collusum, the connector between two hemispheres of the brain. Medical researchers don’t believe that the disorder is passed down from parents to children. Scientists instead think it is caused by a first-time mutation in a child’s genetic code.

Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium

Alcohol withdrawal delirium (AWD) is the most serious form of alcohol withdrawal. It causes sudden and severe problems in your brain and nervous system. Approximately five percent of hospital patients are being treated for alcohol abuse.

Amphetamine Dependence

People who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder sometimes require amphetamine stimulants to help them cope. Some people take amphetamines to treat narcolepsy, a sleep disorder.

Anxiety and Depression

Benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal —…

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