A Moment Of Courage

There aren’t a lot of things that Senator John McCain and I agree on. Part of that, no doubt, has to do with us having differing political views. That’s okay with me, I have different view from a lot of people, some of whom know me, even like me, I hope. John McCain and I do agree on one thing, as far as I can see, however. It is this. Just because two people have differing political views is no reason to demonize another individual.

In 2008, Senator McCain first showed his ability to behave in a statesman-like manner when confronted by a woman at a town hall meeting who repeated the the comments being circulated regarding then-Senator Obama’s religious affiliation. Senator McCain corrected her assumption, and stated that he was an patriotic American citizen and good Christian family man who simply had differing opinions on policy, and that was what the election was about. He had, as we all learned later, turned down suggestions to use several less than honorable tactics in his election fight.

This year Senator McCain again has proved himself able to be more than a partisan. He came forth with no reason to do so but to say the right thing when no one else from the right would. He stood up for a woman who works assisting Secretary of State Clinton and has worked with her for years. He defended the reputation of a hard-working citizen who has served this country and whose honor was put in question. He was not running for anything, he simply could not sit there in his chair and say nothing, so he stood up and said something.

Yes, you may say, that is fine for Senator John McCain. But I have too much to lose. No you don’t. You still have to look at yourself in the mirror, you still have to sleep at night. Can you do these things and not speak up when you know something needs to be said? Statesmanship such as John McCain showed in these instances is not a political thing, not a left or a right thing. It is a human thing, and we all can do it, in little ways and big ones. We need more of this, especially now. It is time to stand up, not for the party, or the candidate, but for the essence of the soul, for the goodness of the spirit. It doesn’t cost money, doesn’t require a law. All it requires is a moment of courage.

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