A Matter Of Words

Of course you can, but may you? Do you remember, when you were just old enough to still need permission, asking an adult if you”can” do something, and receiving that for an answer? The difference between “can”, which you already knew, and “may” you do something, for which you asked permission, was what this grammatically correct grownup was trying to point out to you. No one does this much any more. But then, I recoil still because it’s so hard to find people who still know that things are supposed to be all right. Two words, not one, with a double “l”.

Which brings me to the question of the day, and it all is a matter of words. Mr. Romney has a lot of money. It’s become a big question these days, and some of it is about honesty–when did he make it (or, if you think he cheated, make off with it) and was he supposed to have been doing that at the time, as actively as he may have been, ie. when he was governor of a state? Well, that’s a story that is still being told.

What a lot more people are interested in, though, is where did he put it? Let’s assume it’s all legit. Or not illegal, anyway. There must be, to borrow the theme of a famous song, fifty or a hundred or more ways to hide your vast fortune. And that would just be in this country; it’s one really big place. Then there are other countries. According to news reports, some of these places don’t allow asking questions about their foreign financiers, and their monetary policies make them really nice places to park your portfolios if they’re bursting with bucks. As, according to new reports, are our Republican nominee’s. Good deal, if you can qualify.

Perhaps if one feels entitled to his fortune, this is not strange behavior. Not having grown up, or even ended up, with enough to even cause my corner bank to love me that much, I can’t really say. But is this what you want in your President? This, again, is what the words mean. Yes, it is legal. But legal doesn’t mean it is what people want in the White House. Saying “It’s legal” is like saying, “I can”. But may you? Maybe not, if you are wise. It may be legal, but not so wise.

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