An Excercise in Redundancy

I don’t know if they’re doing it for practice, or if this is the newest way for the Congress to not do anything useful while waiting for the election in November. First, it was the continual votes to take away every single right women had fought for–to and almost including the right to vote (would that have followed their efforts to take away freedom of choice regarding their own bodies and fair pay?) and now it’s thirty-three repeals of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Thirty-three times!!! Now, I truly disagree, this is true. I have disagreed with most of the stunts this Congress has pulled, although on occasion these people have gotten their act together long enough to behave like real adults and done a few good things, like see that students would be spared horrendous student loans with loan-shark-size interest rates attached. But for the most part, I’ve seen kindergarten classes behave more like grownups than these folks.

So what are they trying to prove? That they can, indeed, do nothing until the election? Is this how the Republicans get one of their own elected to the highest office in the land? And they do this because—it is all they have to offer us, the majority of us who are not they and who will not be of their concern once policies are made? I have one question, then. What is the reason that so many, whose interests are not served by these useless redundant appeals of law that so many are using to reason that this same bunch is going to serve their interests later? What will these people, these who are just like everyone else who works hard–or did, when they were able–do when these redundant repealers of useful law and wasters of time, and possibly their leader, have taken over? Or….will they, in the privacy of the voting booth, with the security of the secret ballot to protect their privacy, do what is in their own best interest and vote according to their needs, and not in behalf of that of the elephant in the room?

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