From Where I Sit

Like any one else who is interested in current events, I read or watch what is going on in the world around me with the fascination of someone at a massive train wreck, at times, and at other times, with the feeling of someone who just feels duty-bound to know what’s next. And, on occasion, I contribute my opinion. But it isn’t always wanted–surprise!!! So here we are, in the great Blogosphere, and I found a place to deposit my nuggets of wisdom besides in the ear of my cat, who has all to often found herself conscripted as a draftee listener and paid by kitty treat and loving pets.

I do promise all readers to keep this a G-rated blog, so children, grandchildren, religious leaders, and pets can read it safely. It’s also that way because it’s the only kind of language my computer and I allow, not to mention aforementioned cat. It’s just the way it is. So, here, from where I sit, are coming all the things that have been on this mind for, well, quite a while. Thanks for dropping by.

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